ID 771627 New Board
Jason Rodd
Serpent 5'10"


Board Dimensions:
Size   Width   Thickness   Volume
5'10" x 18 15/16" x 2 7/16" = 27.60 L
Board features:

Construction: PU Stringer

Glassing: PU - REGULAR (4oz X 4oz Deck + 4oz Bottom)

Fin System: FCS 2 3 fin setup

Tail: Round Square


The Serpent is JR's young gun team rider Zack McMahon's signature model.

Zack's an explosive surfer in the water but a super chilled cat on land. He holds a keen eye for detail and a curiosity to board design and what he puts under his feet.

The first board Jason Rodd threw under Zack's feet that he gelled with straight away was the Donkey, hence why the Serpent model is heavily influenced by the Donkey model. Although trimmed down in key areas to create an all-round high performance board for those surfers chasing a bit more bite and hold in punchy pockets.

Showcasing a very similar rocker profile to the Donkey, the Serpent maintains the same versatility and is suited to a wide range of waves. The concave is a slight single on entry, then getting deeper through the middle with its deepest point between the feet and fins, then fading out to a very subtle single concave on exit. This is JR's tried and tested bottom contour for all of his all-round performance shapes.

The plan shape or outline is more streamlined than the Donkey. Jason used the same outline but simply narrowed everything up, pulling in the nose and tail area equally in comparison to the middle.

The Serpent outline sits roughly in the middle of JR's two other all-round high performance short boards: the Zippo and the Bam Bam 2.

The rail is a very forgiving medium to low, foiled out perfectly nose and tail. The perfect rail for high performance surfing in critical sections... Plenty of bite and hold so you can feel confident laying into an open face carve or driving off the bottom eyeing of big sections!

The Serpent excels in waves anywhere from 2-6ft and will suit most tail types. It comes standard with a pulled in round square but try it with a round pin tail if you are looking to ride the Serpent as your board for pumping waves over 4-6ft.

Available in PU Stringer, Epoxy Stringer and Tri-flex construction. © JR Surfboards

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