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    Frederico Morais Pro Tail Pad White


    Hailing from the wave-rich country of Portugal, Fred's surfing has been shaped from big beach breaks and slabbing points. A known power surfer who can combine big turns with airs, there is little wonder why Fred has become Europe's No.1 surfer.
    His tail pad features perforation on the side pieces and ground down slots on the arch. Less weight = more speed.

    A split tail kick and an Extra High Power Kick creates a solid base to plant your back foot against for more control and drive = more power.

    Length: 305mm
    Width: 300mm
    Pieces: 3
    Arch: 7mm
    Power Kick: 30mm (Extra High)
    Tread Pattern: Square


    O&E's unique closed cell EVA formula which has been developed to be UV stabilized, water resistant, super grippy, extremely thin and light weight.

    3M high grade adhesive formula, developed for EVA offers maximum, long lasting adhesion.

    High density EVA foam wedge inserted into the tail kick resulting in added control and drive.

    A grooved line at the base of the tail kick helps the grip mould to the board for superior adhesion.

    All tail pads come with plastic free packaging. Not only is this better for the environment but if you go into a core surf store you can actually get a true feel of the all important features you need in a tail pad.

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