ID 741235 New Board
Jason Rodd
Bipolar Twin 5'9"


Board Dimensions:
Size   Width   Thickness   Volume
5'9" x 20" x 2 7/16" = 30.80 L
Board features:

Construction: PU Stringer

Glassing: PU - REGULAR (4oz X 4oz Deck + 4oz Bottom)

Fin System: FCS 2 3 fin setup

Tail: Swallow


You don't need to be an alternative surfer to ride this Twin Fin, as the way it has been designed allows the Bipolar Twin to sit perfectly alongside your short board range.
The model suits a wide variety of surfers, from beginner to advanced, and is arguably one of the funnest boards in JR small wave range. The idea for the Bipolar Twin started right back when JR released the Sloth.
After experiencing the natural speed and flow the Sloth boasts in below subpar conditions, JR knew he had to work on something more suited to when the conditions grew a little punchier. The Bipolar brings with it an unrivalled ability to carry speed from section to section, without a hint of drag, allowing the natural twin fin flow to really come to life. In the early stages of design JR referenced the Wraptor model.
After a few subtle tweaks, he decided to run with a similar outline up front, but worked on widening the tail area, finding a perfect balance between the Sloth and Wraptor tail widths.
From 18'' up from the tail block the Bipolar offers added width, gifting the surfer with comparable stability to the Sloth through gutless sections, but narrow enough for increased pivot and hold in the pocket. Jason found that by taking the same single, double to vee bottom shape of the Sloth, but then adding a little more concave under the front foot, it has given this board a very lively feel under foot. By keeping the same medium-to-boxy rail that the Sloth has, it has kept the board feeling very forgiving while on rail but with the increased concave, the bottom rail edge has become a little harder, adding more bite. This combination offers the perfect mix of rail response and forgiveness. The Bipolar is designed to surf a little more aggressively then the Sloth in grovelly conditions, but don't be worried if the waves do get a little punchier - this board will deliver.
Ride the Bipolar 3-4 inches longer than your Sloth and 3-4 inches shorter than your short board.
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