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ID 741235 New Board
Jason Rodd
Wraptor 5'9"


Board Dimensions:
Size   Width   Thickness   Volume
5'9" x 20" x 2 7/16" = 30.80 L
Board features:

Construction: PU Stringer

Glassing: PU - REGULAR (4oz X 4oz Deck + 4oz Bottom)

Fin System: FCS 2 3 fin setup

Tail: Swallow


A modern classic, built for small waves, the Wraptor is your perfect summer pal. It's been created as a board that not only grovels but will also surf progressively in a steep pocket. It has a super flat rocker through the back end for speed, however the late V off the tail lets the board pivot without losing any drive. Roddy lifted the rail line rocker up front enough to make it forgiving when you want it on rail. The nose area has been pulled in more than originally planned, and by narrowing the nose area it gains rail-to-rail ability without catching an edge. Underneath is a single, double concave to V off the tail. The swallow tail offers quick response while maintaining width for release in steep sections and stability in flatter sections. Pushing the fins to be more vertical than usual has given the board more drive. When riding a board with such a short rail line, this fin set up gives the board the feel of a more high performance shortboard with all the benefits and attributes of a proper grovel board... A true all rounder built for summer. The Wraptor should be ridden 4 to 5 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. ® JR Surfboards

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