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ID 607623 Factory Second
Twin Fin 5'6"


Board Dimensions:
Size   Width   Thickness   Volume
5'6" x 18.63" x 2.21" = 24.90 L
Board features:

Construction: PU Stringer

Glassing: PU - REGULAR (4oz X 4oz Deck + 4oz Bottom)

Fin System: Futures 2 fin setup

Tail: Wing Swallow


My first custom board, 1967, was a Mirandon Brothers, Surfboards La Jolla, Twin Fin. A second shorter one 6 months later. Then I shaped my first board in the Fall of 69. Guess what? Yes, it was a 6’3 twin fin with my own twists to the design. To say I have experience with Twin Fins is an understatement.

In 1979 I teamed up with Shaun Tomson to do his boards at Canyon. Shaun was a leading proponent in the Twin Fin genre. Shaun was a tough customer, but I learned a lot about twins, much of which is still incorporated in today’s designs.

While working with Shaun Tomson, I refined the bottom with the addition of a shallow single concave that feeds into the vee. The vee splits into a double in front of the fins and runs off the rail behind the wing. The double vee is different to most in that it has a slight crown. The vee runs off the tail with a slight convex. The position of the wing, the back of the fin in conjunction with the concave exiting through the wing makes for solid firm turns. The foil in the rail line is very similar to a modern performance shortboard. Don't think of the Twin Fin as just a small wave board. I’ve had quite a few team riders over the years ride them in sizeable surf.

A very versatile design. Two fins are ridden these days on all kind of hulls. My design is more traditional with subtle updates adding to the overall performance.

Enjoy! ® Rusty Surfboards

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